Design a charm necklace or bracelet!  Explore your creativity by designing a piece of jewelry that reflects your personal style. Tell a story with your jewelry or create a meaningful sentimental keepsake.

How to Design Your Own Charm Necklace or Bracelet:

Step 1: Start by picking your favorite chain
*These include necklaces or bracelets

Step 2: Choose your charms!! *Price is per piece (1).

Charms can be BUNDLED to a chain or LINKED individually on a chain.

LINKED means the charms are fixed to the chain, separated, and can't move around.

BUNDLED means the charms will all hang at the bottom of the chain. All chain pictures have a label telling you which option can be done!

TIP: If you have your charms BUNDLED it's usually best if there's an odd number of charms so that one charm can hang in the middle.

Step 3: Drop us a note with the order you would like the charms and leave the rest to us.  If you exclude personalization, we will design what we think looks best.