About Us

In 2010, Poppy Chic Jewelry originally started as hand stamped jewelry business on Etsy. As a busy mom of 4, it was a much needed outlet for me to be creative and make some extra spending money. Etsy became more and more saturated with artists, I felt it discouraging to stay up to date with the analytics of etsy. 
As I have evolved, so has Poppy Chic Jewelry. After a long break, I decided to reopen my Etsy shop and a website specifically to explore polymer clay, and my favorite jewelry item, EARRINGS!!  There are so many fun things you can do with clay and you will see a mix of everything within my shop!  You can also request a custom item by contacting me.
I am passionate about beauty, inner and outer and all things that surround our space. Not only that, but it plays a significant role in our mental health. I want to raise awareness, to advocate for those struggling with mental illness and addiction, for moms and women of all walks of life who feel like they are not enough.